Welcome to Babies First Fitness

Image Welcome to my blog about fitness for babies!  This is the place to be if you are interested in putting the fitness for babies (and toddlers) first.  I am a pediatric physical therapist that treats primarily infants and toddlers.  I work in the hospital NICU, an outpatient setting as well as in family’s homes. I am also a devoted mom to three lovely (very) young children.

I have been inspired to write a blog that shares tips and tricks to exercise with baby.  When searching for exercises with baby, the internet is flooded with exercises for mom, perhaps with the baby, but mostly for Mom . . .  I guess perhaps it is mom searching for the exercises!  Some sites will talk about how important tummy time is, but they lack in telling you how to do it if your baby hates it.  Other sites talk about how important it is to be active with your toddlers, but they do not provide games and activities that will improve their balance and coordination. 

Parents who are involved in pediatric therapy for one reason or another have an advantage, they have someone telling them how to exericise their babies and toddlers.  However, typically, most parents do not have this benefit.   I am here to provide my services to offer tips and tricks from a professional baby and toddler exerciser on how to really exercise your children so that they strengthen the muscles they need to create coordinated and efficient movement patterns.  Does this mean that baby is going to crawl early or walk early . . . no. . . talk to any therapist they don’t want that, but their movement will be smooth and coordinated and delays may be averted if the baby is exercised effectively. 

So, follow along and learn ideas on how to exercise our babies effectively.

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