Toddler Time: Core Strength while sitting on a small ball

Click here to check out a video of core strength activities you can do NOW with your toddler

Core strength is essential to great movement patterns. It is never to early to start! Sitting on a ball causes your baby’s core and leg muscles to activate more than sitting in a solid surface.

As a pediatric physical therapist, I often use what a family has around their home to create my exercise programs. This video shows a sequence of activities that you can put into place today with your little one. All you need is a small playground ball for a toddler 18 months to 3 or a large playground ball for 4 to 5 year older, another ball and a puzzle.

In this video I start getting the little one comfortable sitting on the ball with a song. We follow that with play using both hands with a ball. I work in moving up down and rotating. The trick to getting a child to use both hands is providing a little resistance to the object so that they bring the other hand to help! We then work with a puzzle reaching in all directions.

This little one loved it and wanted more!

Have fun with your little one today and have purposeful play!

For more information on exercises to progress your babies and toddlers like this page and check out Babies First Fitness on Facebook.

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